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Seasonal Course - WINTER -

Seasonal Course - WINTER -

Enjoy gourmet miso food and
a stroll around this nostalgic town!

With many historical temples and shrines, Okazaki has a multitude of historical spots full of nostalgia, highly recommended for visiting both within and outside the city centre. The city boasts miso as a local gourmet delicacy, and with many places to sample it during a visit, it'll both warm your body and soul! The city' s highlights in winter too are waiting to be explored.

Okazaki Park Miso Gourmet
11:00 Okazaki Park Miso Gourmet
Stroll through Okazaki Park and enjoy the various gourmet miso food at any of the Japanese restaurants.
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10 min.

Miso Storage Walk
12:00 Miso Storage Walk
Famously known as Hacho Miso (a premium miso paste) since the Edo period, this local speciality is still produced to this day using traditional fermenting methods at two local breweries. Enjoy the cultural experience of walking along a row of houses that retain scenes from this olden day Tokai road.
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20 min.

Shououji Side Alley
13:00 Shououji Side Alley
A narrow wooden alley within a major shopping street, this side street facing Shououji Temple is an area retaining a retro atmosphere of yesteryear that was once a bustling red light district. Recent renovation of many older houses has again brought new vigour and life into the street' s miscellaneous handcraft and clothes shops.

15 min.

Well-known Eating Tour
14:00 Well-known Eating Tour
Once frequented by travellers as a flourishing inn town in the Edo period, this is an ideal place for a leisurely stroll to take in the many historical monuments and numerous other shops. Why not sample some of the gourmet food on your walk?

20 min.

Okazaki Castle, Tea at Jounantei
15:00 Okazaki Castle, Tea at Jounantei
After returning from Okazaki Park, this beautiful tea room is a place to experience the essence of Japan and have a short rest. Ideal as a spot to simply relax and take in the comfort of being surrounded by beautiful autumn leaves while enjoying a cup of Japanese tea.
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