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Seasonal Course - SPRING -

Seasonal Course - SPRING -

The cherry blossoms are their best.

Officially designated as one of the hundred best places in Japan to view the cherry blossoms, the park boasts some 1000 cherry trees in full blossom from the end of March. When lit up at night, the view of cherry blossoms and Okazaki Castle is simply wondrous. Highly recommended as a spot in spring to enjoy both the flowers and the vast history of what Okazaki City has to offer.

Okazaki Park
13:00 Okazaki Park
Enjoy the cherry blossoms of Okazaki Park, Okazaki Castle and Mikawa warrior's museum of Iyeyasu, and learn about the history and birth of Tokugawa Ieyasu at Okazaki Castle, experiencing what it' s like to be a samurai in full armour at the palace!
Sample local food at Okazaki Park
14:30 Sample local food at Okazaki Park
Enjoy gourmet food at your choice of outdoor stalls or authentic Japanese restaurants within Okazaki Park itself. When the cherry blossoms are in bloom, take up the challenge of the oversized local speciality, rice dumplings known as hanami dango the size of a person' s entire face, which are especially worth trying.
15:00 Jounantei
Enjoy Japanese style green tea and traditional sweets while admiring the stunning view of autumn from the Japanese garden.
Link to Jounantei
Oto River Walk
16:00 Oto River Walk
During the cherry blossom season, this riverside walk offers a lively atmosphere in which to enjoy outdoor food stalls along the river as well as the beauty that the cherry blossoms guarantee.
Okazaki Park (Cherry Blossom)
18:00 Okazaki Park (Cherry Blossom)
Enjoy the magical scene of the cherry blossoms lit up at night under the light of lanterns, creating an engaging atmosphere of spring.